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UIPath Solidarity Fund for Ukraine

UI Path Foundation (Romania) provides humanitarian relief to Ukrainian orphans. We provide food, shelter, clothing, essential healthcare and continuing education so that they can thrive.

First of all, a heartfelt thank you!

Since the beginning of the war in February, our thoughts and hearts are with Ukraine, hoping
every day for this tragic situation to de-escalate. Such moments require solidarity, compassion
and action. That's why we have launched the Solidarity Fund for Ukraine.

Thanks to our donors, companies and individuals, we were able to build an effective intervention
to help those affected by the war, with a focus on children.

Our up-to-date intervention through the Solidarity Fund for Ukraine:

Immediate response
• 3 trucks in the Romanian Red Cross humanitarian convoy were loaded with almost 65 tons of
food and medical supplies
• contributed to the acquisition of a new truck and two high-capacity semi-trailers to support the
logistical needs of the Romanian Red Cross for humanitarian aid - 15 humanitarian convoys
already sent to Ukraine
• 1400 first aid kits and 400 blood stoppers were sent to Ukraine
• 10.000 packages with formula for toddlers sent to Ukraine
• border assistance (food, guidance) for hundreds of refugees entering Romania and
accommodation and basic needs support for 57 refugees through our local partner

Mid-term and long-term intervention
• educational content in Ukrainian, 40 stories on a global reading app launched in Romania in
partnership with NABU
• since April, together with Hope and Homes for Children Romania, we have been supporting
244 orphaned children from Ukraine who have arrived in Romania, covering their complex
needs: from food and clothing to medical recovery sessions or psychological counseling,
speech therapy and Romanian language education
• since August, together with our local partners, we have been supporting 300 Ukrainian refugee
children and families with essential care and support

Please do not donate directly. Sequoia will provide donation credits to you on June 30th!

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