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The Parikma Humanity Foundation

Focuses on providing high-quality food, meals, and health checks to children in the slums and in orphanages in Bengaluru, India

The Parikrma Humanity Foundation uses a holistic approach to pull children and families out of poverty in Bengaluru, India and become contributing members to society. Over 1500 students have attended one of the schools created by the Parikrma Humanity Foundation in order to gain a high-quality education, eat consistent meals, and have regular health check-ups. The students are supported from the age of 5 to 25; after primary and secondary education, vocational training or formal college education are paid for by the foundation. Families of the students are offered counseling and deaddiction programs and mothers are provided skills training and financial planning. Each year, over 60 students are introduced into the workforce and alumni have succeeded in becoming anything from chefs and actors, to lawyers and software engineers.

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