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Build Trust with Employees and Customers

Through the Power of Social Impact

Phin's Boost! App is now available on Slack Marketplace!

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Phin is the donation gifting platform that helps marketers and culture experts build trust with customers and employees. 

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We did a case study with our client, Contentstack, who is using Phin's social good campaigns to engage their employees, build trust, and create a stronger company culture.

Contentstack ran their company statistics before and after the implementation of Phin’s social good campaigns. Their results showed lower employee turnover rates and better employee retention.


Company-Funds Donated


Boost's Given


Total Employee Donations Using Company Funds


Company-wide Campaigns

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Phin’s Boost! App for Slack is used daily by Contentstack employees to give Boosts to their colleagues to thank them for their hard work, tagging a core value exemplified.

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The recipient receives a $1 donation credit to give to a cause.

Click here to learn more about how Phin's company-funded giving campaigns create better company culture in Contentstack

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How does Phin work?

We run social good campaigns that allocate company funds as donation credits to employees or customers. Whether the campaign is employee-facing or customer-facing, our campaigns improve company culture, engagement, and demonstrate daily living of company values.

Phin is a great tool to celebrate national/internal company holidays, reward important achievements, or give your teammates daily high-fives (through our Boost! app on Slack). 
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Founded on Social Good

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Nurture employees into high-performing, resilient teams and build great company culture with Phin social impact initiatives

For Culture Experts

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For Marketers

Phin helps marketers build credibility through personalized, simple outreach that benefits people and planet.

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Values Discovery Workshop

At Phin, we believe that values should be a living, breathing part of any company. We have developed our Values Discovery Workshop as a rapid framework for determining your company's core values in a condensed session.

Why Phin?

Creating a values-based culture isn't just aspirational, it's good business.  The best-run companies prove this with strong brand awareness and high-performing, resilient teams.


By 2025, 70% of the workforce will be mission-driven, digital natives under the age of 45. For businesses to be competitive and retain talent, they must create cultures that are values-based and impactful. There is more pressure on employers than ever before to create connected, mission aligned teams, but it can be challenging to know where to start. We're here to help.


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