Great companies live their values every day.

That's where Phin comes in.

Phin helps businesses build robust cultural ecosystems, where values come to life. By blending business expertise with digital tools, we support leaders in creating strong, cohesive teams. Whether you are just identifying your core values or pivoting your company culture, we help take your vision from aspiration to execution.

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Employee Recognition Slack App

The kudos app where employees reward their teammates for living company values, every day!

Interactive Customer Engagement

The simple way to reward and engage your customers and generate leads through the power of fun, interactive campaigns!

Values Activation Platform

Phin's flagship values activation platform where employees and customers create social impact and embrace your core values.


Why Phin?

Creating a values-based culture isn't just aspirational, it's good business.  The best-run companies prove this with strong brand awareness and high-performing, resilient teams.


By 2025, 70% of the workforce will be mission-driven, digital natives under the age of 45. For businesses to be competitive and retain talent, they must create cultures that are values-based and impactful. There is more pressure on employers than ever before to create connected, mission aligned teams, but it can be challenging to know where to start. We're here to help.

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“Defining our core values is only the first step in being a purpose-driven organization. We need to weave them into our every-day work life in meaningful, community-building ways. Phin helps us do that...it is a way to support our publishing, our marketing, our employee’s interests, and our corporate interests as well.”


Michael Jacobs
Abrams President & CEO

A Few of Our Values-Driven Clients

Great companies live their values every day with Phin.