Phin's Employee Recognition Slack App to engage and reward employees daily for living company values

Remote, hybrid or back to office teams thrive when they have a chance to share kudos and recognize their team mates for demonstrating company values on a daily basis. The phinBoost Slack App is the only app where the power of social recognition combines with company values, to create a fun, impactful way for team mates to interact.

Launching Summer 2022!

Limited Free Trial Available

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Bring Your Values To Life

Your core values have been written, but how many of your employees know them? How many employees share those values? The phinBoost app is the simple, fun way for team mates to recognize each other in a simple and fun way - tagging each phinBoost with the core value their teammate has demonstrated.

Social Impact IS The Reward

Make giving a part of your employee’s everyday experience, creating a more meaningful, emotional connection.  Employees earn phinBoosts from their team mates directly in Slack and can instantly donate that phinBoost to high-impact causes with a single click

Great for Remote, Hybrid and Back-To-Office Teams 

Teams need fun, simple emotional connection points - and Slack is the perfect place to build team spirit and live your shared values. Increase engagement and interaction through peer to peer :boosts: 

Everything is a Game!

The Leaderboard shows the action! Celebrate the top boosted employees, the biggest boosters and the core values most recognized.

Easy Slack Application Installation

Quick and easy integration directly in Slack. Be up and running in minutes. You control the Boost limits including the number of boosts per employee and the amount that each boost converts to donations.

Free Trial and Simple Pricing

Be a part of the Launch in Summer 2022!  Free 1 month trial for the first 25 companies. Pay only for the donation funds - at limits that you set.