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Our Core Values

At Phin we believe that companies with strong, values-based cultures have employees with a shared sense of purpose and a clear understanding of why and how they work collectively towards that purpose. It's important to us to not just define our values but identify actionable ways to express and live those values. You can find more information about what each value means to Phin and examples of behaviors that demonstrate them on our Stories page as part of our Values Hub Series.

Develop Moral Courage

Moral Courage is doing the right thing even at the risk of inconvenience, ridicule, loss of status or loss of revenue.

Phin is tackling seemingly intractable problems, and moral courage helps us stay true to our values even in the face of enormous challenges. It incorporates determination and resilience as well as adhering to a moral code. Moral Courage is not static; we need to continue to develop it and  work to create an environment where people can feel comfortable speaking up when they see issues.

On a blue background, white text in the top left reads "Moral Courage." Below the text is an image of multiple white paper airplanes all going in the same direction towards the right. One orange paper airplane is heading up and to the right with a trail behind it.
This picture has text on the upper left side saying Culture of Caring. There is an image on the right side showing 4 arms of varying skin tones holding up a globe with flowers and butterflies

Cultivate a Culture of Caring

A Culture of Caring is an environment where employees and customers not only feel valued but that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

This ethos includes caring for ourselves and others, giving back to the community, creating psychological safety in our work environment and embracing different backgrounds and styles.  We know that just stating it doesn't make it happen. We need more than words. It needs to be actively nurtured to be successful. A Culture of Caring is about building connections and bringing people together around a common purpose.

Manifest a Bright Future

Manifestation is about creating a vision for the future, putting energy and intention into making that vision a reality, and then aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions accordingly.

We envision Phin as an exponential force for good and compassion and believe that companies can be great by doing good. We work every day to spread that message and take steps towards making it a reality.

On a blue background, bold white text in the top left reads "Manifest a Bright Future." Below the text is an image of a brown skinned woman with ferns and pink and yellow flowers flowing through her dark brown hair.

Be a Force Multiplier

On a blue background, bold white text in the top left reads "Force Multiplier." Below the text is an image of a white seesaw with a red ball on the left side of the seesaw which is down and a large white ball on the right side of the seesaw which is up.

A force multiplier is a factor that dramatically increases the effectiveness of a group. A person who is a force multiplier focuses on the highest and best use of time and resources to fulfill the company purpose and vision.

Being a force multiplier makes our vision a daily practice by keeping our impact, and its continued growth, at the center of our work. Playing to our strengths, supporting each other, constantly learning, growing, mentoring, and teaching allow us to do more as a team than we ever could as individuals.

Show Creative Courage

Everyday we will create the space to dream, invent, take risks. Taking risks is the ultimate form of creative expression.


For Phin to make the kind of impact that we want, we need to think big and be bold. This involves taking calculated risks and learning from our failures, as well as our successes. By maintaining a learning mindset, we are able to embrace our setbacks, create innovative solutions, and continue to make an impact far beyond our size. We chose Show Creative Courage as a core value because it gives us permission to expand beyond our comfort zone, knowing we have the support of our company and fellow employees to fail and learn.

On a blue background, bold white text in the top left reads "Creative Courage." Below the text is an image of a blue head in profile with bright colored shapes of circles and triangles bursting out of the back of the head.
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