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Employee Engagement

Reward and recognize your employees at key moments using company funded charitable donations. Give your employees the power to choose where their donations go, and align your values with their own.

Phin Impact Pro

Today’s workers expect the companies they work for to be a force for good and not just focused on the bottom line. Younger employees especially (Millennials & Gen Z) want to work for companies whose missions and values are aligned with their own.


Phin’s Impact Pro engagement platform does just that.


We allow you to engage your employees in corporate philanthropy at key moments and develop a culture of giving back.

Why Phin Impact Pro

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Reward & Recognize Key Moments

Make giving a part of your employee’s everyday experience by giving donations at key moments such as: Recruiting, First Day Welcome, Promotions, Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, Holidays, etc.

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Dozens of Causes To Choose From

We’ve added and vetted hundreds of causes, and have dozens you can choose from. Search by category to find causes that any of your employees care about including: Environment, Animals, Racial Equity, Children, Women, and more.

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Easy Integration

No need to get rid of your existing employee engagement or HR solutions, we can easily integrate into your existing processes. Our application works primarily over the web, email, and Slack - tools you use everyday.

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Slack Application

Great for remote or hybrid companies who are heavy Slack users. Quickly set up campaigns and reward or recognize individuals or teams using our Slack application.

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Easy Set Up, Onboarding & Administration

Onboarding is quick and easy so you can start engaging and giving immediately. Easily manage the administration of your charitable campaigns within our dashboard and speak with your dedicated concierge about your campaign needs. 

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