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UiPath Foundation Solidarity Fund for Ukraine

UiPath Foundation (Romania) provides humanitarian relief to Ukrainian orphans and refugee families by providing food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education so that these displaced families can thrive.

When we initiated the Solidarity Fund for Ukraine back in February 2022, it didn’t cross our minds at UiPath Foundation that more than one year a half later, the conflict would continue, taking a toll on children and families displaced from their homes. Thanks to the generosity of UiPath and its global community of employees, as well donors like you, we managed to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable children affected by the war in Ukraine.

From April 2022 to June 2023, donor support was essential in supporting 239 Ukrainian children from orphanages and maternal centers living in 8 centers across Romania. Due to your donations we provided:
· Decent living conditions - furniture, appliances, kitchenware, cleaning products & utilities
· Conditions for proper educational activities, stationery & supplies, transportation to and from school, warm meals at school
· Romanian language classes & art therapy
· Recreational activities
· Birthday parties & 1st of June activities
· Basic products - hygiene products, food supplies
· Medical services & psychological counseling

As donor support of Ukrainian children and mothers is decreasing, many of them think about going back to the war zone. Due to your generosity, we can continue our intervention to keep Ukrainian refugee children safe by supporting them in 2 educational centers in South-Eastern Romania, areas located close to the border with Ukraine.

Your generosity is transformed into what they need most:
• Clothes and shoes for the winter season for 50 Ukrainian children who are attending educational centers
• Educational materials and extracurricular activities for the two educational centers that are serving more than 50 Ukrainian children
• Hot meals for 25 Ukrainian children who attend the educational centers for a period of 3 months
• Emergency support for rent and other basic needs of the families of the Ukrainian children attending the centers' activities
• Monthly vouchers for the following 6 months for 10 families of Ukrainian refugees (mothers and children) who are struggling to make ends meet

Your compassion is inspiring. Thank you!

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