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Fun & Impactful Live Experiences
Engage your team with virtual experiences that happen outside of the office. Our current experiences are below and we’ll be adding more in the coming months!

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Building teams is hard. Building remote teams? Even harder.

What if you could solve that team building problem and help people in need and save the planet? 

Learn More About ClimateQuest Virtual Escape Room

Why ClimateQuest Virtual Escape Room

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Story Driven

You’ve been recruited by Commander Climate to fight Dr. Apathy in the race to stop Climate Change. Join the Phin forces today!

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World Class Escape Room

Developed by world class escape room artist Shui Chen, this virtual escape room is guaranteed to give your brain a workout while encouraging your team to have fun and learn about environmental causes.

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Live Facilitator & Gamification

Each room has a live facilitator, so sit back and be fully immersed as we do all the heavy lifting. Your team will earn badges as they complete each challenge.

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Have Fun & Do Good

As your team progresses through the escape room, we reward them with charitable donations to environmental organizations of their choice.

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Organizations Large & Small

Teams can consist of 5 - 10 people, which works great for companies large and small.

ClimateQuest Preview

Learn More About ClimateQuest Virtual Escape Room

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