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Reward and Engage Your Customers or Generate Leads with simple and fun interactive engagement tools.

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Why are customer engagement campaigns so complicated and ordinary?

phinWheel is the simple, interactive tool to have some fun and engage your customers, or generate new leads. Create an emotional connection while building community with a simple turnkey campaign, all while supporting local charities.


Your time is valuable, so we will do all the setup for a simple flat fee of $1,000 plus donation funds.


Phin WHEEL logo


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Fun Interactive Campaigns

To put it simply, your customers will LOVE the chance to Spin the Wheel, especially when they know it is a chance to support local charities!

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Reward and Thank Your Customers At Key Moments

Whether celebrating an event like Earth Day, or simply thanking a new customer, spinning the wheel for a charitable donation is far more meaningful than typical campaigns. Watch your engagement rates soar!

The Meaningful Lead-Gen Tool

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Get the attention of your leads and surprise them with a fun and meaningful introduction to your company. You'll get that reaction "Wait, these folks are different!"  Lead-Gen campaigns, social media outreach or Exit-Intent are great moments to build a new relationship.

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High Impact Curated Causes

We’ve vetted hundreds of causes, so you can be assured of the highest level of impact. Search by category including: Environment, Animals, Racial Equity, Children, Women, and more.

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Turnkey Campaigns in Less Than 48 Hours

No need to learn new tools - we will set it up for you for simple flat fee of $1,000 plus donation funds, based on your budget.

Not sure yet? Lets talk!

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